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The song “The Dove” on this little film is from my C.D That I produced in Barcelona, Spain. I composed this song for Our Sensei as he is, to me, “The Dove” in the song.

Soon after finishing this Disc, (a huge endeavor I might add, loaded with Obstacles!),

I put a dedication inside called “Attitude of Gratitude “where I thanked all the Musicians and lastly and most importantly I thanked our mentor in life Daisaku Ikeda.

I sent this C.D. to Our Sensei (Daisaku Ikeda) in Japan with a Thank you note for all his encouragement over the years. In the beginning of October of that year (2000) I received a message from our then General Director in Spain (Mr. Shimizu), that Sensei wanted him to give me this personal message. He translated the message from Japanese to Spanish then I had to translate the message to English as I didn’t understand the word despegar. So …an English translation of this message, as far as I could figure out was:  “I LISTENED TO YOUR C.D. AND I AM PRAYING FOR YOUR GREAT TAKE-OFF!”

I was overwhelmed with Gratitude compounded by the fact that instead of the normal but still wondrous response of Thank you for your C.D.  He said “I listened to your C.D.!”

What happened next was only revealed some time much later on. On October 31st 2000, I quit drinking completely and started attending support meetings for people who have a desire to stop addictive behavior. This was the moment I overcame a life-long and profoundly deep and debilitating battle with Alcohol. It was much; much later that, upon reflection, I realized that it was the same exact month, some days after I received this message from our Sensei. There is now no doubt in my mind that the 2 occurrences at the same time are NO COINCIDENCE! How appreciative I felt and continue to feel is without words! I WOULD LOVE TO ENCOURAGE YOU TOO: Please connect your heart to our Sensei through your chanting of appreciation and actions for Kosen Rufu. It will absolutely pay off more than your Wildest Dreams can IMAGINE!

This was an impossible dream made possible!

BB Berg  I'm Yours original C.D.

attitude of gratitude

Here is my video of deepest Gratitude to my Sensei

for a LIVE version of this and me singing When you wish upon a star please go to:


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