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Stand up!

I had a really huge Epiphany yesterday morning in regards to my physical and spiritual dilemmas of this past year and beyond.

In this Buddhism I practice we used to use the Japanese Shiki Shin Funi to explain why our posture in faith is so important.

This saying literally means body and mind (spirit) are 2 but not 2.

That the body and mind (or mind set or spirit) are connected at our core and truly one.

We all know that mental stress can cause physical stomach ulcers. We all know that the mind – body connection is real.

What I am saying is that if we stand up straight and strong we affect every atom and cell in our bodies.

After this revelation I experienced a huge shift in my energy and a huge shift in my long time pain. (more comfort, more control, more and deeper breath)

I realized later that this is completely connected to my confidence, to my brimming self love, and to my ability to not only stand up for myself but to stand behind myself!

In our practice of chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo to the Gohonzon, our posture needs to be upright, our voice strong and during the silent prayers not to drop our ichinen (life force) in other words keep our gongyo book up right and not fall into our laps. These may seem like little things but its the little things that create BIG THINGS LIKE CHANGES IN OUR LIVES.

Stand up!gongyo

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