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12227595_1035968566426545_2652201253606899511_nMy newest Chapter in “Sing with Bliss” explains the correlations of musical notes and Chakra centers. I have just now downloaded the Chakra scale on Sound cloud for all my new students.

The first exercise is to hummmm along with each note of the Chakra Scale. Humming warms up your voice and warms up your soul. Humming on the chakra notes provide a host of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits listed in my book. The next chapter is how to create resonance in your voice and body to augment the vibratory benefits even more. A voice with resonance is a voice that deeply touches peoples hearts.

Here is the Chakra scale by: B.B. Berg


Stay tuned!



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  1. […] My newest book, which my courses are now based upon, is called “Sing with Bliss” and will be available as an invaluable reference and resource to all my future students. https://bbberg.wordpress.com/2016/01/04/singwithbliss/ […]

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