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How to create Affirmations

Affirmations are a wonderful way to create new positive pathways in our thoughts.

Negative thoughts are simply habit.

As we repeat over and over these lovely and positive statements they to become Habits.

Always use “I”.

State a positive affirmation in the present tense. Example: Every day in every way I am becoming Happier and Happier.

Keep them simple. Short and sweet.

Use words that inspire our imagination. Poetic words like waves or flowing stimulate images as well.

Use words that evoke Feelings. I love money and I love the feeling of having more than enough!

Helpful hints:

Singing Affirmations or Affirmations with music penetrate our subconscious even deeper.

Rhyming also is helpful for the same reason.

When you are doing your affirmations and resistance occurs: State your Affirmations without causing inner conflict by wording them:
“I am in the process of _______.”

Example: I am in the process of becoming more self confident.”
Another great way to state Affirmations is to express Thankfulness in advance.

Thank you for the Prosperity I am receiving.

Consistency is the Key.

Record your affirmations and listen to them at bedtime.

Exercise to them.

Walk while saying them.

Watch the way you word something. Are you stating it in the negative rather than the positive?

Example: I am now releasing my morning headaches. NOT GOOD

GOOD: I now wake up every morning comfortable and happy.

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