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Singing Lesson plan by B.B. Berg;

Stretching: We have to get our Singing engine ready to Rock and Roll

Stretch Neck gently from side to side

Raise arms and stretch upwards towards the sky

Stretch arms out in front then towards back ~ Expanding the chest area

Stretch open our mouths as though yawning

Stretch tongue as though sticking out your tongue at someone. (Don’t worry I won’t take offense!)

Stretch on Tip toes

Abdominals: We need to strengthen our motor for singing

I will put a more complete list later but you can basically do any type of abdominal exercise and add your voice. (sing scales or arpeggios or even parts of songs while doing your abs)


Lay on floor and raise tummy (breathing in) Lower tummy while breathing out.

Lay on floor and draw 8’s in the air above you while breathing in and on the out breath let your hand drop directly on tummy area. (don’t put in on your tummy literally Let it Drop.) There will be a rather good thud on your tummy if you do this right.

Relaxing Breath We call this the “Let it go” exercise: Breathe in then tighten all your muscles then breathe out with a loud sigh sound relaxing all the muscles in the same movement.

Breathe in deeply (no chest movement only belly rising!) These are Yogic Prana type breaths.

Breathe out counting out loud as much as you can. Ex: 1,2,3,4,5, etc.

Do the same except instead of counting use the sound SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Do the same except instead of counting use the sound FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Do the same except instead of counting use the sound  BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR this one is complicated as it is using the lips.

Then see how many seconds your BR ,SH, FF last.

You can use the alphabet too.

Diaphragm Vocalizing:

Laughing ho ho ho we call this the Papa Noel exercise.

Breathe in then as you produce the sounds of laughter your belly will kick inwards.

try ha ha ha

he he he

hi hi hi

Vocalizing and Ear training

With the Piano we will now do:

  1. Looking for cheeses exercise
  2. Arpeggios:
  3. Rio 4 exercise
  4. Vowel practice a e i o u
  5. ma me mi mo mu
  6. Major/minor arpeggios
  7. Trills and Grace notes
  8. Vibrato
  9. ADVANCED : Chromatic scales
  10. ADVANCED : Major/Minor/7th
  11. ADVANCED : Egyptian, Arabic scales
  12. ADVANCED : Shadow notes a type of grace note

Now the dessert!

Singing songs

Microphone technique

Stage presence

to be continued as I will be more specific in some of the ADVANCED EXERCISE SCALES AND TECHNIQUES




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