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Total Body Healing

Affirmations for Total Body Healing

I am now Open to receive my Total Body Healing. I know with this feeling in my soul that this could occur in only an instant.

I am now knowing the Pure & Infinite Power of my Spirit and that my Spirit is Stronger than my material body.

Infinite Spirit within me, I command you to rise up and fill my Body with Healing Light.

Let this Light fill my Earthly Body and wash away all that is holding me back from my complete and Total Healing.

I am now Open and Willing to receive this Total Body Healing as well as the Total Spiritual Healing that is needed.

I have the courage to see the Root cause of my suffering and the wisdom to now make the right cause for my Total Body and Spiritual Healing.

I Love and Forgive myself and others now and always.

I easily put myself and my Healing first. 

I am a precious child of the Universe and am cared for and loved.

Everything I need always comes swiftly and easily.

Every day, in every way I receive Divine messages towards my Purpose and my Total Healing.

I trust and believe in myself now more than ever!

My “Higher Power” always creates the most Perfect situations for my Growth, Abundance and Happiness, therefore in my heart of hearts I am grateful for this Opportunity to Heal and learn these Life’s Lessons.

higher power done

see Aurora tank drums Total Body Healing on youtube



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