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“It is often from a sense of discontent, feelings of incompleteness, or even a twinge of true unhappiness,

that the seeds of great accomplishment are sown.”

The Universe

This is a touching quote and to me it says that everything has a flip side. A negative and a positive side depending on my perspective. As an S.G.I. Buddhist I was taught early on about the concept of changing

Poison into Medicine.


I am a Singer, Performer and sometimes it’s challenging, to say the very least, finding steady work in the arena of  “live” music.

Living in Las Vegas one would think there would be many venues to gig but alas, at least a couple years ago, I could find nothing, no work whatsoever. I even tried any job I could find and still nothing! I was bored, depressed,discouraged and broke!

I felt useless and without a purpose in this life. The darkness and hopelessness was becoming worse each day and I was afraid I was falling into a deep, dark pit that I would not be able to get myself out of. I was also compounded by the fear of succumbing to my, albeit at this moment inactive, illness of Alcoholism once again.

With no other recourse I prayed!

An S.G.I. Buddhist philosophy that engraved itself into my heart was the concept of Beauty, Gain and Good.

From Mr. Makiguchi’s  {the founding president of the Soka Gakkai} view on Value Creation: 


Beauty, Gain and Good is what I based my fervent prayers on.

I prayed to find a purpose, a mission that contained Beauty Beauty indicates aesthetic value, the positive sensory response evoked by that which we recognize as “beautiful.” 

I wanted to do something  that would be Beautiful and Blissful for me.

I wanted to feel Beautiful and Love what I do!

Gain ~ Gain is what we find rewarding, in the broadest, most holistic sense; it includes but is not limited to the material conditions that make life more convenient and comfortable.

I wanted to make money to support myself and my life. Gain!

And Good ~ Good is that which enhances and extends the well-being of an entire human community, making it a better and more just place for people to live.

 I wanted to do Good!

I wanted to help others to become Healthy, Happy, Feel supported and cared for! I wanted to make a Positive difference in this World!

That night, after my evening prayers, I went to sleep and I dreamed.


I dreamt I was Flying in Glorious, Beautiful,  Huge, Golden Wings!


(Butterflydreamz.com no longer in existance please go to):


I woke up so Happy! I absolutely knew what I had to do!

I had to find these Wings and create something of great value with them!

I found them on the Internet and ordered them. When they arrived it was like Xmas! I played and played in them and got Happier and Happier! Later on I realized I could create my own Amazing Wings!

With my husbands help and his Tie Dye skills I made my own Beautiful Wings in a Butterfly Pattern as the Butterfly is the symbol of metamorphosis.

How befitting of a Powerful Healing Therapy.

1466001_242088952650468_2086286912487540155_o (1)

I began workshops and classes and found extraordinary results in the Spontaneous Healing of my students.

This led me to delve even deeper into the Positive aspects of this phenomenal Therapy:

Please feel free to read this blog on the Benefits of Wing Therapy™


At present my website Butterflydreamz.com is temporarily closed going through it’s own Metamorphosis!

I do have a really Fun Facebook page!




This is book I’ve done on What is Wing Therapy™ that would be  handy for anyone who would like to have me come to do Workshops.

Dream as Big and Bright as you can for you are a gift to the World!

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