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Free your Life! Release the Blocks that are holding you back

An Easy & Fun book using Emotional Freedom Technique

by: B.B. Berg


A 50 page PDF of  “Free your Life”

easy to read and understand.


Contact me:

B.B. Berg


No order forms simply PayPal me at the email address above and give me your email and I’ll send it off flying!

If you already know about Tapping, try doing the Appreciation Tapping sequence:

Excerpt from book page 17 in Chapter ” Be Creative”

Appreciation & Thankfulness:
1. Eyebrow Point: “I am Thankful for being me, I just love who I am!”
2. Side of Eye Point: “I am Thankful for being a Master at Manifesting,”
3. Under Eye Point “Thank you for my precious Temple, I Love my Body just the way it is,”
4. Under nose Point “I am so Thankful for my Wisdom and Clarity”
5. Chin Point “Thank you for my Good Health”
6: Collarbone points “I am Grateful for being Guided, Guarded and Protected right now”
7. Under Arm Point “I Love and Appreciate this feeling of Strength within me”
8. Below Breast Point “Thank you for the way I Feel, my feelings matter”
9. Wrist Point “Oh I feel so Good now thanks to this energy work. Each time I do it I feel better and better!”
There’s no special way just be Thankful and see what pops into your mind!


Love to you Today and Everyday!



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