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In my blog : https://bbberg.wordpress.com/2010/10/22/appreciating-your-own-life/

The part that really resonates a chord in my heart, day after day,month after month and year after year, is this quote.

“If we manifest our Buddhahood and appreciate our life, then our “dysfunction” will become our greatest benefit.”

Make our Dysfunction our greatest benefit!

In my youth they, the doctors, diagnosed me as paranoid schizophrenic. I was indeed very ill and had to be hospitalized for about 2 years. The faulty neurotransmitters and disconnectedness in my mind were creating visual Hallucinations and auditory Hallucinations that appeared as voices in my head and very real fantasies. I was put on the worst tranquilizers Thorazine and Stelazine. I was a zombie in body and soul.

I discovered S.G.I. Buddhism at the age of 27 (the chanting of Nam myo ho renge kyo) and after only 3 months of invoking this phrase I cured myself completely of this incurable ailment!

My mind is still sensitive to stimulus. I am in many ways hyper-sensitive. My mind, at times, runs like a wild, untamed horse. I have literally thousands of thoughts bombarding me from all angles and perspectives in a single moment.

I have learned to Appreciate my Beautiful Mind.

This hyper-sensitivity is why I feel bad when I’m spending too much time on the computer or the cell phone. It is why I feel uncomfortable around toxic,negative people. It is in essence, my Greatest Blessing!

It is my connection to source energy that guides me and tells me I’m on the right or wrong path.

All of my ideas are wonderful. If I need to breathe deeply or get into my body and out of my head to slow down my brain then I am blessed to know this and act upon it.

How slim and healthy I am because I cannot sit around and be a couch potato!

I have to ground myself throughout the day by getting fresh air, nature and sunshine.

One place where I truly feel in Heavenly Bliss is Tecopa Hot Springs right near our home in Las Vegas.

To immerse oneself in these Natural, Healing,Hot Mineral Spring waters is the Ultimate in Grounding and Healing.

My book is all about that:

Link for book:


I love my Beautiful Mind.

I love my Beautiful Soul.

Hot Mineral pond (We call The Bog)





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