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Just thinking of how far I’ve come! Life is a circus,a beautiful wonderful and exciting Circus of Hope!

Bbberg's Blog

At the tender age of 19, I hitched hiked from my hometown of Rochester, N.Y. to N.Y.C. I was seeking fame and fortune and dreaming of  being a star so……… what better place to go than New York City

My first job was driving a taxi!

What a fun ,crazy job back then for a girl!

My first singing job at Pearls Place

I loved singing so much that when I was offered a job as a singing stripper I thought “why not?” “It’s good money and dancing and fun!”

I was so proud of this I made a scrapbook and showed my mom and dad.  They were very supportive. I guess they were more open minded than I ever imagined!

I met so many interesting people!

As you can see by the look in my eyes, I was a wild ,crazy, fun loving, party girl and unfortunately that got me into…

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