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What is a Daimoku chart?

Daimoku = The heart of the Lotus Sutra is its title, or the daimoku, of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.


It is the chanting of Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo.

It’s always good to have goals and I find that when you fill in the little squares or circles for chanting 15 minutes, on your “Daimoku chart” it really gives you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Also the more you chant the higher you vibrate so…………. make a goal and try to keep it and you will see a result in your life!

Another really cool thing is: On those days that I feel out of sorts or less than enlightened, I can look at my little chart and see hmmmmmmmmmmmm no coincidence, I didn’t stay “in the zone” very long today. Not that I would ever feel guilty,I  merely try to strive even a little bit more the next day.

Most Daimoku charts are 1 million daimoku and each square or circle is usually 15 minutes or 1000 daimoku. (this is an average) I suppose it depends on the velocity of your chanting!

I am going to finally finish one of these litttle daimoku chart books!

It’s (ha ha) not that I haven’t been chanting for these 33 odd years now but up until now

I never really persevered to fill in the chart. I believe this means something!

And a really GOOD something at that!

One million Daimoku is life changing!





Comments on: "What is a Daimoku chart?" (4)

  1. Thank you for sharing. I too been chanting for a long time but never finish or kept my chart to show myself that I could do it. I’m actually starting a new chart today and I have the book style that I can carry everywhere. Looking forward to winning by the end of the year. I have a few more goals to accomplish by the end of the year.


  2. Thanks for pointing out DaimokuCharts.org…lots of creative charts to download there. Also, ChantSpace.org has online daiimoku charts that you can fill in on your phone or computer, and have shared charts with other people.

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