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I had a dream a couple nights ago that revealed to me a very important truth.

 I was in a corner room and in this room with me,occupying most of the space, was a Huge Box-like machine.

Have you ever seen rusty tractors or other old oxidized farm tools on peoples lawns?

This is a kind of yard decoration, at least here in the desert.

This was what my Huge Machine looked like!

It was so rusty, discarded and unused that it didn’t fulfill any purpose whatsoever.

The potential of this Machine was clearly phenomenal as it was intricate with cogs and knobs and various moving parts had it been bright and shiny and new.

When I woke up from this dream, I had a very clear realization from my higher source, that this was a machine designed for the sole purpose of having Fun! This “Fun making machine”, my Fun making machine, had been rusted and old from lack of care and use.

My mechanism for having fun was rusted and I knew in my heart that this was true.

I used to have so much more fun in life.

I lost this.

 I got caught up in worrying about money, work, and responsibilities.

I forgot that the true way to abundance is to have Fun!

“Follow your Bliss” is what all the great teachers recommend.

Have Fun!

Focus on what you want and not on what you don’t want.

Lay on a Beach! At least in your own mind!

Another aspect of this Dream that became clear to me was regarding prayer. 

(I am an S.G.I. Buddhist and the way I pray is by chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo  (known as the daimoku.)

Josei Toda once said, ‘The Gohonzon is truly great. But because this is so simple, people fail to understand it.’ Because the Law is so profound, its practice is simple. The more technology advances, machines become simpler to operate. Mr Toda went so far as to liken the Gohonzon to a

‘happiness-manufacturing machine’. 

And the switch for turning this machine on is chanting daimoku for oneself and others.

It could be said that Nichiren Daishonin distilled Buddhism down to irreducible simplicity for all people. [Faith into Action p.114]

A Happiness Machine!

I am now polishing,using and renewing my Happiness Machine!

I am having so much Fun writing about Fun!

Here’s one example of a shiny polished machine for Fun!


 One of my dear friends mentioned that we make shiny Fun machines!

So to her comment here are some pictures!





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