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We are so grateful that people are really feeling the wonderful vibes of these tank Aurora Drums!

Bbberg's Blog

Beautiful Colors and Beautiful Sounds of Healing!

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Here are some examples of our Drums and below each photo is the scale and links to the Heavenly Sounds!

If you’d like a Drum made for you with any of these Divine and Heavenly scales please just tell me the Name of the scale , Key of the scale and the notes,

(it will be written BELOW the photo you canjust copy and paste into an email or message to me)

and the color and tab design of the drum you’d like.

Speaking of Rainbows, here is our newest Rainbow color Aurora Tank Drum!

*added note although I have posted pedal and cathedral designs of tabs we have discovered that the square tab resonates better and has a much purer sound so we may discontinue the other shaped tabs to keep the integrity of…

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