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Beautiful Colors and Beautiful Sounds of Healing!

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Here are some examples of our Drums and below each photo is the scale and links to the Heavenly Sounds!

If you’d like a Drum made for you with any of these Divine and Heavenly scales please just tell me the Name of the scale , Key of the scale and the notes,

(it will be written BELOW the photo you can just copy and paste into an email or message to me)

and the color and tab design of the drum you’d like.

Speaking of Rainbows, here is our newest Rainbow color Aurora Tank Drum!

*added note although I have posted pedal and cathedral designs of tabs we have discovered that the square tab resonates better and has a much purer sound so we may discontinue the other shaped tabs to keep the integrity of the sound more pure.

It’s all about the Sound!

Call us anytime: Kiko

702 688 3060



Purple Star design Aurora Tank Drum

This design is aprox  $50.00 extra

Pentatonic Scale in C

Low C   D   F   G   A   (middle C)  D

Tab design = Lotus Tab    Color – Purple

(this picture is actually displaying lighter purple than it really comes out)

Please see our photo album on Colors we offer:


Sound bite – You tube link 



Aurora Drums Blue

 Blue Aurora Tank Drum

Akebono scale in A

Low A   D   E   F   A   B flat   D   E   F

Tab design – Square Tabs and middle Round Root tone

Sound bite: You Tube



Aurora Drums

Aurora Drums

Red Aurora Tank Drum

Iwato scale in A flat

F#   A flat    A    C#   D    F#    A flat

Tab Design- Lotus Tabs

Sound Bite- YouTube


Aurora Drums

Aurora Drums

Purple Aurora Tank Drum

Pentatonic scale in G

Low G   D   E   G   A   B   D   E   G

Sound Bite- You tube



Natural Silver Aurora Tank Drum

in Shang Diao Scale:

Tab design- Cathedral Tab

We have even created Drums that Harmonize for our friends who wanted more than one drum!

Shang Diao scales in Harmony

scales listed in video.


Aurora Drums Blue Lotus

 Flat Blue Lotus Aurora Drum with Natural Silver Tabs

(this flat opaque color does not show beautiful grinding design underneath like our other colors do)

Iwato scale in E flat

Low E flat   F   F#   B flat   B   E flat   F

Tab Design-Lotus

not recorded yet.

frank drum

Natural Silver Aurora Tank Drum

tab design- not available anymore the Lotus design has taken it’s place. 

This drum is the Shang Diao scale in  E

scale listed on Sound Cloud



Aoelian scale in the key of E FLAT

scale listed on Sound Cloud



OM design Burnished Silver color

This design is aprox 50 dollars extra

This drum is in our Sonic Geometry scale:

(no need to tell us these notes we know them)

Tab design – Square Tabs

Sound bite youtube:



OM Copper Aurora Tank Drum

This design is aprox 50 dollars extra

This drum is tuned to one of our most Popular scales we call

B.B.’s Birthday scale!

Tab design- Lotus tab

no need to tell us the notes we know this scale well!

Sound Bites You Tube


also our How to play “Aurora Tank Drums” Video , is in the same scale:


bb birthday drum

Purple Aurora Tank Drum with S.G.I. Buddhist Symbol in Center and mantra 

Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo around sides

The Original B.B.’s Birthday scale Aurora Tank Drum! This was B.B.’s birthday gift of which she created the divine scale! 

(variation of a Pentatonic scale in F the heart chakra tone.)


Added Designs like this drum would aprox $100 extra

We have more scales available please see our FACEBOOK PAGE!

Heart Chakra drum


to learn about musical corresponding notes to Chakras feel free to got to:


Chakra Drum!


Sound bite Chakra Drum:

The Paint job on this one is so shiny you can see the sky and clouds!

purple star cropped done

Coming up: Blues scale drums, Egyptian scale drums and many,many more!

to contact the Artist:


Always feel free to Facebook message me:


contact info:

U.S.A. number:

702 688 3060

Range of price starts about $250.00 U.S.D.


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  2. Note please reply or ask any questions via our facebook page or phone. Thank you!

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