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 B.B. Berg



Youtube Channel

“Learning how to give expression to creativity can be antidote to depression”

Welcome my friends, to my channel

Let this sacred space we hold together be your friend and confidante on this sometimes arduous journey through life.

And on those lonely days or nights know in your heart that you are never alone.

You’ll always have a friend in me.

From my Book:

Desert Dreamers

I’d love to see the whole world laughing.

Through the trials in my life

I know I have become a Better, Stronger person!

We always start from where we are RIGHT NOW for this is the place of greatest value.

My name is B.B. Berg


I Sing, Dance, Teach and do my best to help others.

I express my Joy Singing and Dancing.



Come Fly with Me!

Let’s help each other MAKE ALL OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!

Buddhism teaches that the individual writes and performs the script of his or her own life.

To perform your play well, it is important to pound the script into your head so thoroughly that you can see it vividly before your eyes. From the book Faith into Action by Daisaku Ikeda pg.35

Final credits:

B.B. Berg   My Youtube Channel   Song: I’m Yours

Composed and Sung by me!

Michael Grossman    Arrangement/Piano

for my Music,Wing Sales,Events and Therapies   Please go to: Butterfly Dreamz.com

I love you all!   Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo!

facebook page: B.B. Berg singer, songwriter, actor, performer

a very special thank you to Christina Gill  for that Fun photo of me dancing in Wndsor,CA

Special note to see more about using creativity to defeat depression see:





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