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The key phrase for this year is thus: TURN YOUR DYSFUNCTION INTO YOUR GREATEST BENEFIT!
I am writing this after my actual birthday because of the great melancholy that started coming out from just before May 29 of this year, memorial day weekend. (the anniversary of receiving my gohonzon in 1982)

Practicing for this many years, this should not have surprised me that the Stuff was going to release, but the depth of this sadness did indeed take me unawares.

Belief is the way to banish, what we call, devilish functions. Where there is hope, there is light.
The process of Human Revolution is not easy. Creating something of great value takes painstaking efforts. Battling this darkness inside is making me stronger.This is the true purpose of obstacles.
I have passed through this melancholy now and am feeling like something has shifted. I feel now there is something amazing on the horizon, I just don’t quite know what it is yet.

More than anything I want to sing and dance. After this episode of what I shall call (a deep spiritual cleansing) I was invited to perform in our S.G.I center here in Las Vegas. I sang and danced from the depths of my heart. It was incredibly wonderful.
This is what is meant by “making your dysfunction your greatest benefit! ”



Comments on: "My gohonzon birthday 2013" (2)

  1. it too shall pass

  2. Laura Novak said:

    keep on dancing, singing, acting, healing…and doing human revolution! 💫 enJOYing life🌟

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