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Here is the link to “Appreciating Your own Life”


One thing that has struck me immediately is the Peace of mind that this prayer has once again given me. ‘

I also am noticing “I LOOK YOUNGER!” My skin seems softer looking. I have been reading lately that one way to look, feel and appear more youthful is to LET GO OF JUDGEMENT!

In this guidance it says: “Appreciation has three qualities:”

1) No Matter what happens you do not betray your dreams/goals/self.

2) No Matter what happens, you don’t make any judgments about yourself.

3) No matter what the situation in your life, you must turn it around.

What started me on this inner quest was the  original 2 page paper that I received years ago. I received  this in Barcelona where I lived for many years. It is now dog – eared and yellowed from age and lots of use.

appreciate your life1

appreciate your life2

Imagine a world, your world, with no self-criticisms or self slander at all.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and from that moment throughout the entire day, loving yourself exactly as you are, knowing that it is all perfect in your perfect world. Everything!


Imagine being angry and bringing out the best there can be in that anger and loving and embracing  yourself in the process.

Wouldn’t this empower you?

Wouldn’t this make you feel wonderful? 

As many reverends and religious people say: “It’s all in the Master plan!”

There would be no more complaining about your life. There would be no more pity parties.

You would know, truly know that everything serves you.


I will keep in touch as I have a lot more ideas and experiences on this subject.


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