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My favorite venue in the world is singing in Nursing homes.

This summer I had the pleasure to perform in Windsor, California in a beautiful Nursing Home in the heart of town. This was the highest point in my summer!

The elderly deserve attention and love. They are, many times,lonely and in need of human kindness,stimulus. The shows also provide them with something to look forward to and afterwards something to talk about.

I have seen with my own eyes the difference the music and dance provides for awakening their joy, their laughter and most importantly their hope.

As I walk in and set up my equipment, the lethargy and lack of energy in these dear souls lives is so clearly evident. The shows begins and they laugh, they dance, they smile! They sing along with me.

I remember in Barcelona, Spain where I worked many, many homes like this, the elderly literally threw aside their wheelchairs and danced with me. It was like watching a miracle unfold. I see a light shine in their eyes that they didn’t have before.

The satisfaction this gives me is indescribable.

 I make sure to get them involved. Make them a part of the experience. In Windsor I took a lady’s scarf and used it to dance around and when I returned it to her she was elated. She then used the scarf too and was a “Star” in the show.

I also make sure I sing in other languages also to touch the peoples hearts that are perhaps very homesick and far away from home. 

Give the Elderly Music! Give them Joy!

Sing to them, Dance for them, and you will see the medicine of music unfold before your own eyes. 



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