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I woke up this morning with a knowing of how I needed to pray today.

Zange or Buddhist apology.

This is a concept that we don’t really talk much about anymore. It was quite popular years ago but today I knew that this was to be my powerful prayer.

The only way I can describe this feeling today as I prayed in this way is “Sparkling!”


As I reached down inside and truly apologized for the things I have done to cause pain to myself and others, even things that


(For example from this life or from past lives in the infinite past)

I felt a golden sparkling energy flow all throughout my body!

Here is one place you can read about Zange :


In my humble opinion

“What is the essence of the prayer of Zange?

A deep form of apology, reaching into our DNA, cells and tissues. 

Meditating on the essence of life.

Taking complete and total responsibility for our lives because somehow, somewhere at sometime, we created this movie called “My life”

This is not to be confused with a guilt ridden feeling, which is dis-empowering.

When we take complete and full responsibility for our lives it is completely empowering!

We created the problem (not our mothers, fathers, wives, siblings etc.etc..)

Therefore, We are also the solution!


Referring the graph on the Nine Consciousnesses:

The nine consciousnesses  as expounded in S.G.I. Buddhism

The nine consciousnesses as expounded in S.G.I. Buddhism

 The way to cleanse our Negative karma is to go below, deeper than the 8th consciousness which is the storehouse of all of our karma.

To shine this brilliant and sparkling light of our pure source (Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo) into all our other consciousnesses.

The Bodhisattva Fugen Sutra and reads as
follows: “If you wish to do zange sit upright and meditate on the true
entity of life”.

If the intention of our prayer is sincere and heart-felt than we literally “bathe ourselves in this golden, sparkling light” and leave feeling cleansed, refreshed and renewed.

What could be more sincere than the purity of a prayer based upon the highest vibrations of Apology, Appreciation and Forgiveness?

Saying “I’m sorry”  is really two concepts in one.

It is being repentant and expressing the desire for forgiveness as in

“Forgive me”.

In Spanish Me Perdone is forgive me.

Me perdono is I forgive myself.



 There is more to this prayer.

This part I consider pretty logical.

Imagine I’ve stolen something from someone, a piece of jewelry perhaps,

and I go back to that person, admit I’ve stolen their gold watch, and I say “I apologize, forgive me.”

Well it’s not too far fetched that they would say “Then give me  my watch back!”

And as one Buddhist leader so aptly put this “return to that person 1000 gold watches”!


And so it is.

From the article 

“Deep Zange” by Richard Caustonsee link above

This is the process often described as “reflection, repentance,
appreciation, determination and devoted practice which is called zange”.

Giving the watch back is our determination to learn from our mistakes and make a resolution

Not to make this mistake again.

And to make magnificent GOOD causes from now on!

Some friends have been asking me how to word this prayer.

I will do my best to give you some examples but the most important thing would be to word it in a way where YOU FEEL the most.

The Deepest prayer comes from not our minds but our



I fully and deeply apologize for the causes I’ve made in the past that have caused harm to myself and others.

I fully and deeply apologize for the negative causes I’ve made in the past that I am unaware of.

Thank you from my heart for this opportunity to purify my karma, my life for (Kosen Rufu) for the sake of this world.

I promise/vow from this moment on to create the greatest Good causes for the sake of myself and others.

Allow me to be of beneficent service in this world!

This may bring up specific instances where you remember the actual negative causes that you have made and as they arise you can work specifically on each one.

(This has been very helpful to me as I can really feel the feeling with specific examples)

This also may spark in you a renewed desire to help others thereby returning the 1000’s of gold watches! Act on these impulses!

Prayer is not a feeble consolation; it is a powerful, unyielding conviction.

And prayer must become manifest in action.

To put it another way, if our prayers  are

in earnest, they will definitely give rise to


Daisaku Ikeda


In President Ikeda’s Guidance:

There are many elements involved in a prayer being answered, but the important thing is to keep praying until it is. By continuing to pray, you can reflect on yourself with unflinching honesty and begin to move your life in a positive direction on the path of earnest, steady effort. Even if your prayer doesn’t produce concrete results immediately, your continual prayer will at some time manifest itself in a form greater than you had ever hoped.

Unflinching Honesty is the key word to self reflection.


buddha card jpeg

Love to all from B.B.

March 9th 2013

Well…only 2 days of doing this prayer and I got a very clear and definite result! 

As with most people these days money is a challenge for me.

After only 2 days of this prayer the result was that the products that my husband and I sell had a phenomenal sales day!

A remarkable day, that to me is the Universe speaking loudly and clearly:

“This is working!”

I will keep you updated.

And so it is!

A new update March 18th,2013

Profound and far-reaching Benefits from this prayer!!

Today I started to list All of the benefits I have been feeling and experiencing deeply from doing this prayer daily without fail.

1. All of my obstacles, dilemmas with myself , others, the environment, my life’s circumstances have taken on a Golden sheen.

I am seeing every single thing as a grand and beautiful opportunity to lessen, lighten and purify my karma for the sake of Kosen Rufu (benefit of this world) 

What a change in attitude towards Gratitude!

2. My sense of mission is becoming Clearer and Brighter! I am now realizing all of my own Virtuous deeds.

I am awakening to my Own Greatness!

Indeed right after my morning prayers after I listed these benefits I received an email from a friend who passed along one of my blogs from 2008!!!!

Her friend had been so touched by that blog that she has saved it all this time!


From the book “Why people don’t Heal and How they can” by:
Caroline Myss,Ph.D
“Healing from Illness would be better served if we investigate our past for positive patterns as well as negative ones.” 
“Even as we seek out all that can contribute to our weaknesses, we need to bring into focus the strong and enduring parts of our personalities.”
” When people focus only on their negative patterns, all that is Good about them can be eclipsed.”
Link to Awakening to our own Greatness:
keep in touch!
love B.B.



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  1. Forgiveness really sets u free. Thanks for this wonderful insight.

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