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The Nine Consciousnesses

The nine consciousnesses  as expounded in S.G.I. Buddhism

The nine consciousnesses as expounded in S.G.I. Buddhism

Because the eighth consciousness transcends the boundaries of the individual, merging with the latent energy of one’s family, one’s ethnic group, and also with that of animals and plants, a positive change in this karmic energy becomes a “cogwheel” for change in the lives of others.

As SGI President Daisaku Ikeda writes, “When we activate this fundamentally pure consciousness, the energy of all life’s good and evil karma is directed toward value creation; and the mind or consciousness…of humankind is infused with the life current of compassion and wisdom.”

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 Nichiren identified the practice of chanting the phrase Nam-myoho-renge-kyo as the basic means for activating the ninth consciousness in our lives.

As the Gosho states:

From Gosho: Hell Is the Land of Tranquil Light

By all means perform as much good as you possibly can for the sake of your deceased husband. The words of a wise man of old, ‘Base your heart on the ninth consciousness12 and carry out your practice on the six consciousnesses,’13 are indeed well said.14 This letter contains teachings I have so far kept secret. Keep them deep within your heart.


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