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I have been experiencing serious leg challenges lately and am in the process of getting to the root of this issue.

I also know that it is a wake-up call for me to peel the onion of my soul once again and delve deep into the  issues in my tissues.

I am now in the process of releasing unhealthy issues in my body and spirit. I now go Free to be Happy and Healthy!

Thank you for this obstacle for I know it is the answer to my prayer.

One book I highly recommend is: You can heal your life by Louise L. Hay

louis hay

Among other things she mentions : “Leg problems often indicate a fear of moving forward or a reluctance to move forward in a certain direction.”

Another passage states : ” Not wanting to do things will often produce minor leg problems.”


“I move forward with confidence and joy, knowing that all is well in my future.”

confidence and joydone

Thanks to a friend asking a question about this I am rereading this book and realizing that it’s not just my legs but my knees.

About the knees from this wonderful book:

The knee represents pride and ego


I am flexible and flowing.

Knee problems can represent:

Stubborn ego and pride. Inability to bend. Fear. Inflexibility. Won’t give in.

Affirmation: Forgiveness. Understanding. Compassion.

I  bend and flow with ease, and all is well.

fleible done

B.B. Berg at Valley of Fire

Affirmation re: Forgiveness

forgive done


Re: Ego

break shell jpeg

My friends!
Please realize that you already possess the solution to this quandary.
First you must break the hard shell of the lesser self.
This you must absolutely do.
Then direct your lucid gaze
toward your friends, fellow members.
People can only live fully
by helping others to live.
When you give life to friends you truly live.
excerpt from: Daisaku Ikeda’s poem “The Sun of ‘Jiyu’ Over a New Land,” for entire poem: http://www.sgi-usa.org/memberresources/mensdivision/study/04/0504.php


Tension. Fear. Gripping, holding on.


“I relax and allow my mind to be peaceful”


Tapping is a wonderful way to release blocked energy regarding these type of issues.

to see how to tap feel free to ck out any of my E.F.T. pages:


After you have read about tapping or if you already understand how to do it then something like these examples would be our Tapping Affirmation while doing the Karate chop. (the set up)

Even though I am not flexible and bending I deeply love and accept myself.


 Even though I have fear in my heart and I believe it’s causing this leg pain, I deeply love and accept myself.

Once you get the hang of this you can tailor the set up affirmations to your own needs.

I’ll be tapping along with you!!!

for liz

Another wonderful source of information is the book

“The Healing Secret of the Ages” by: Catherine Ponder

This seems to be written quite a while ago 1967 but nonetheless valid and powerful. A true pioneer in the Metaphysical field no doubt.

pg.18 Chapter: A Third Healing Secret 


“There is yet one last healing secret of the ages that may also give you a clue to health problems. The ancients  considered the right side of the body to be masculine, and the left side of the body to be feminine.”

“The Healing symbolism is this: If you resent someone of the masculine sex, you may have health problems over and over on the right side of your body, until you forgive and release that resentment.”

“The right-masculine side of the body symbolizes Wisdom. If you have been misusing your wisdom, you may get a destructive result  on the right side of your body over and over until you begin using your wisdom properly.” (Affirmations on intelligence are helpful for this purpose)

“Also the right arm is the giving arm and indicates that repeated health problems on the right side of the body show a need to give in some way.”

“You have been withholding something on the physical, financial, mental, emotional or spiritual plane that you should be giving.”


“Repeated health problems in the left-feminine side of the body indicate resentment toward someone of the feminine sex: a mother, mother in law,wife, daughter, sister, some neighbor, friend, or business associate of the past or present. “

 Feminine refers to Love so this may signify your misuse of love or being misused in love.

Also the left side of the body symbolizes the ability  to receive (to use wisely that which is received)

Affirmation re: Receiving

I allow myself to fully receive. I am receiving now.

I am receiving and wisely using all the Good the Universe has for me,and the Universe has unlimited Good for me now.

Another Left side/Feminine cause

 If you have accumulated a great amount of truth through spiritual study and have not used this truth to help yourself or others it’s stagnation can be found in health problems which have settled on the left side.

A Revelation!

Thanks to the power of prayer and the burning desire to get to the bottom of all of this, I have searched inside and used all the wisdom of these words and more to create a great awakening in my life. It is my purpose to share this so that perhaps it may help others.

Pondering the idea of holding resentment towards another woman (since my leg pain is centered on the left side) I could not seem to find anyone in my past or present that I had been holding resentment towards.

Then a few nights ago a deep,very painful and hidden memory came back to me where I was completely degraded and humiliated by a woman in a bar. This event had taken place more than 25 years ago and so deeply buried I had totally forgotten about it.

I was able to uncover the entire experience and see it from the eyes of spirit. This woman and this humiliation, now upon reflection, became one of the pivotal points in my life.

I stopped drinking soon thereafter. Drinking was, until that moment, a life-long agony for me.

Not only did I feel forgiveness for this woman, and of course for myself, but in it’s place was a deep gratitude for our sacred contract that we held together. Our souls lovingly created this pact so that we both could ascend to a higher spiritual level. 

I am praying for her.

My leg is Healing. 



A metaphysical healer from the 60’s once related her simple method for clearing up all kinds of burdens in the mind, body and affairs as: Keeping the thought
“Only the GOOD is real”
(the one mighty thought of GOOD releases and dissolves all kinds of negative thoughts in the body)
Looking for the GOOD in all things causes me to find it.
Once we set our mind on the Good we activate in our  “mind power”  the possibility of finding Good in all situations.
This is a very powerful tool for Healing.
I see now this leg problem is packed full of GOOD.
I also see that every single so-called dilemma is always lovingly created by my soul to bring me to my greater Good.
to see more on Healing with the Power of Visualization:


love to all
blessings from B.B.

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  1. Thank you, very helpful, just what I need to read tonight, bless you

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