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I am a professional singer, songwriter, poet and light worker/teacher and dancer.  I’ve been an S.G.I. Buddhist for more than 30 years. This philosophy is based on sound and light healing.

My life’s trials/lessons have enabled me, to seek out energy healing and spirituality to change my destiny and therefore help many others with my experience, strength and hope.

Among these Victories are

     Overcoming alcohol addiction

     Overcoming Codependence

     Completely curing myself of Paranoid Schizophrenia

     Eradicating Low Self-Esteem and building an indestructible sense of self and self confidence

     Losing Weight (over 60 lbs) and overall optimum fitness

     Healing a broken back

     Banishing forever “Battered Woman Syndrome” from my life

     Trauma Releasing

And many more, which I now use to help and encourage people to do the same.

My mantra is “Nam myo ho renge kyo.”

I have traveled to Japan to study this Buddhism and practiced with members from all over the world.

I know through my studies the effect sound, music and mindset have on our systems and how wonderfully healing it is and that we are all healers. I am also a visual artist and make healing videos set to my music. Affirmations, dream boards, healing, poetry and changing behavioral pattern videos are available on you tube.


My newest healing modality is:

Wing Therapy™

To read more about this please go to:


Author: Gloria Steinem wrote about B.B. Berg

“B.B. Berg is a singer who could only happen now-tough and vulnerable, serious and funny, sensuous and strong. She leaves her audience happier and better people than they were when they came in.”


B.B. Berg



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