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“Having seen the end, you have willed the

means to the realization of the end”

from the book How to attract money by Joseph Murphy.

Through your imagination you can penetrate the layers of the subconscious. (super conscious)

also from this book:

“All of our external movements, motions and actions follow

the inner movements of the mind”

“You possess everything by right of consciousness.

The  consciousness health, produces health.

The consciousness of wealth produces wealth”

It is through the subconscious that we affect reality.

Through imagination, seeing the end result in your mind, we impress upon and activate the subconscious to go to work on creating that very thing you are visualizing.

It will gather the information you need and set about giving you messages, guidance,moments of  synchronicity that are aligned with this image (feeling) in your mind. 

It always makes it much,much stronger if your emotion is embedded  in this end result picture. Engage all of your senses. See it,hear it, smell it feel it.

Feel the crowd roaring! Feel how happy this makes you. You already have it..remember?

 Seeing the end result (The power of visualization)

affects you on a deep level,on a belief level on an unlimited level.

My own experience with the belief system aspect of this is quite extraordinary.

Years ago I quit drinking alcohol. At this time I was very new at being sober,especially involving social events. I was invited to a wedding ,which to me was the worst possible scenario to abstain from alcohol!

I visualized myself at this wedding drinking soft drinks and water and having a wonderful, joyful, fantastic time. I was singing and dancing in my mind. I felt great,I felt proud.

When the wedding date came I was calm and confident. It went exactly as I imagined and from that moment on

I changed a huge belief system in my life!

I could have lots of fun without alcohol! I could resist the peer pressure. This experience has also helped me with many other issues in my life. Public speaking, performing, staying true to my Vegan food regime even at parties.

Enough for today…keep in touch

love always




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