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Excerpts From the book “How to attract money” by: Joseph Murphy D.R.S.,D.D., Ph. D.,LL.D.

“There is no virtue in poverty; it is a disease like any other mental disease. If you were physically ill, you would think there is something wrong with you; you would seek help,or do something about your condition at once.

It is your right to be rich. You are here to lead the abundant life,and be happy, radiant, and free.

Begin to see money in it’s true significance-as a symbol of exchange. It means to you freedom from want, beauty, luxury, abundance, and refinement.”

We are deserving and that is the key.

Here are some ways to release negative thoughts about money:

1. Prayers of appreciation for yourself


2. Abundance Tapping E.F.T.

(Emotional Freedom Technique)

Are you worried about money? You may say: “Who isn’t!

The problem lies in the fact that the more worried, stressed, fearful a person is the more we push away the very thing we want. 


E.F.T or tapping is one of the most powerful ways to release and let go of these blocks to our own abundance.

If you’re not familiar with Tapping feel free contact me or check out the many wonderful sites on the internet re: E.F.T.


When you have a bit under your belt about Tapping and you know the tapping points

you can start to work on the issues in your tissues.

1st choose a Target and from a choice of  1 to 10 (10 being the worst), feel the truth of this in your body. As you work on one single aspect do this check after sessions of tapping until the issue is gone. * important!  only work on one issue at a time.

Now about your feelings about Money

For example:





Afraid of success


Fear of jealousy

Examples of things you can tap on regarding:


“Even though I have this fear about finances”


“Even though I have fear in my body whenever I think about money”


“Even though I have anxiety, stress and worry whenever I think about money and I think it’s blocking more money coming in”


“Even though I have negative subconscious programming about money”

“Even though I am afraid of standing out, (people will try to rob me, they will be jealous, I’ll attract con artists, having money is dangerous)..”


“Even though I’m not yet comfortable making a million dollars this year, this month..”


 Examples of Follow up phrase:

“I deeply love and accept myself.” (anyways)”


“I deeply and profoundly accept myself and my feelings anyways”

(Now follow this with choices)

 Examples of choices:  

I choose to feel calm, peaceful and full of faith.


I choose to wholeheartedly believe my wealth is here now.


I choose to feel safe, sound and protected.


I choose to let go of and release these negative subconscious messages now.


“I choose to feel absolutely comfortable with a million dollars (or more) now.”


Karate chop     Even though I have this fear about money I accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I have this fear in my body whenever I think about money and I think it’s blocking more money coming in, I deeply and profoundly accept myself.

Even though I feel anxiety and stress whenever I think of money I choose to feel calm and peaceful.

Tap The Sequence:

to see a diagram on The Tapping sequence you can go to:


another note* If you find the Tapping isn’t giving you he results you want you may have to look at the different aspects of the same issue.

For example re: phobia with snakes

Tapping on the fear of the snake not bringing results so perhaps it is the eyes of the snake that truly gets that fear exploding inside of you, or the slithering of the snake (when it moves) or the proximity of the snake,the slimy texture (feel of the snake) and so forth.

If  have any questions on this feel free to contact me.

money money_big 500_euro_noten

* Note I will be updating this and including more ways to release your negative programming about plenitude and financial abundance so please keep in touch!


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