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The Power of a role model is an often discussed theme for helping direct the youth towards living fulfilling and creative lives. I know I was and still am encouraged by Tina Turners life.We had so many similarities it was mind boggling. I even got to see her perform in an S.G.I. Buddhist then(N.S.A.) activity in Washington D.C. back in 1982.
Tina on Chanting;

More about this Wonderful organization.


I went to this festival with a horrid hangover. I was just dabbling in this Buddhism but after seeing her vibrancy and the power of the  25 to 30,000 members on the grass watching the Fireworks, Tina Turner, Herbie Hancock and the Buddhist chorus I was blown away and convinced of the Mystic Law of Nam myo ho renge kyo.

I haven’t stopped the practice since that moment almost 30 years ago!

I see myself as Vibrant, Sexy  and Forever Young as Tina Turner:


As Wise, Spiritual and  Compassionate as Louise Hay:


As a great Speaker and Writer like her and Dr. Wayne  W. Dyer:


As a Great Actress and Slim, Trim and Beautiful as Charlize Theron:


As Deep as Charlize Theron tremendous Actress:


 So what does all that equal?

Someone as Awesome, Magnificent and Heroic as me!! 

Performer,Composer, Author and Spiritual Teacher “B.B. Berg” who uses her Triumphs in life to help many many people.

bb diva.


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