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Years ago I read a Buddhist guidance about cutting out photos and using the power of these images to stimulate your subconscious into bringing  you those very things to your doorstep.

Over the years I have gotten tremendous results with this fun technique.

This also came to me by way of the book : The Artist’s Way – By Julia Cameron 

 I remember very clearly doing a vision board with The Artists Way book and very soon afterwards I moved to a seaside town where almost every image I had put on my board came true. I had sauna baths and Thermal Baths and sea views and mountains.
Some very powerful instinct arose in me that made me take a train up the coast from Barcelona to a tiny little town known as “Caldetas” on the sea.
I ended up moving there and living there in Joy for almost 15 years.
I also ended up buying a condo very close by!


How to make a vision board:

You get some paper and some magazines and cut out everything that calls to you. You could make it even more simple and dedicate each Board to a certain theme like:

Health & Beauty

My Dream Home

My Purpose

My Dream work

My Garden

My dream Lover/Mate


I find it even more powerful if you take your own photo and for example place it inside your dream home.

I did this here. It’s my photo in front of a photo of the inside of one of the most Beautiful Theaters in the world!

Z.BB SINGS wendi trip 005

B.B. sings with Power and Joy at The Palau de la Música!

Now in this age of internet you can do all of this on cyberspace.

Downloading Windows movie maker is a way I created this dream Movie:



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