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I am blessed with a good memory.This not only serves me in the many languages I speak but more importantly to remember the really good things in my life. The things that work and also the things that don’t.

I bought a piggy bank  not too long ago.(not in the shape of a piggy however) but in the shape of many 100’s of dollar bills!

My 25,000 dollars! I actually looked up on the internet: “How much money would this be if it were a real Bankroll?

The answer is about 25,000 dollars!

This brought some very wonderful memories back to me.

When I lived in N.Y.C. I dreamed of owning a home on the Beach. We  then moved to Barcelona and I knew it was the beginning of the completion of this dream.

So when I was living in Spain I filled my bathroom with fake but real looking 1000 dollar bills. I looked at those bills every time I went to the powder room. One day I counted them all and there were 47 of them.

47 thousand dollars!

Time went by but I always felt good looking at my 47 thousand dollar wallpaper.

When my dear beloved parents passed away and their estate was liquidated. It was a perfect time in this economy to sell their Lakefront property.

Guess how much my inheritance was?

47 Thousand Dollars! Exactly

It took a lot more prayer to buy my home on the Beach but I did it!

I cut out photos of exactly the Beach view I wanted and I found it one day while looking at the photos in a real estate office in my little town.

Not only was it the home of my dreams but more importantly my dollars from my inheritance were worth SO MUCH MORE!

We were in Pesetas in Spain at the time and the conversion rate from dollars was PHENOMENAL!

The Universe waited til exactly the right moment.

This is why Patience is crucial in visualization. Our dream boards will  manifest into REALITY in the right most perfect moment and not a minute too soon or too late.




Have faith, Have patience.

I just entered a contest where I could win 25,000 dollars.. maybe this it?

Our dream home in Spain:

7027_146228243519_7882079_n (1)

Some examples of Dream Boards/Vision Boards/Treasure Maps, and how to make them:


some sites to make dream boards:



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