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Sunsets on a Sea of Emerald Green by: B.B. Berg

Poem for Guerneville on the Russian River.

Sunsets on a Sea of Emerald Green

As far as the eye can see,up here in Wine country,one can behold vast and ever-expanding oceans of emerald green.

The waves of vines travel like ocean currents along the rolling hills.

Alive and Purposeful.

If you happen to meander to River Road on the way to Guerneville you will experience these flourishing vineyards in a backdrop of towering and historic Redwood trees.

These majestic guardians of nature. Strong and Powerful, Eternal and Magnificent.

They surround and protect the meadows of grapevines like a mother embracing her beloved children.

This Emerald Sea of Green tints the entire landscape in Olive hues. Soft and Nurturing, Calm and Peaceful to the heart.

This is LIFE!

This is Peace!

Luminous and Uplifting in the afternoon glow, I feel blessed.

Thank you for these treasures.

B.B. Berg

Sept 7th, 20012


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