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Everything serves me.

Everything is perfect in my Perfect world.

Through my practice of prayer and self reflection I know,truly know that whatever happens during my day is an answer to my heart-felt prayers for a better, more beautiful life.

It takes rigorous and courageous honesty to take everything that comes into my/our life as a clear sign of what I/we need to do to become a better,happier and more useful person.

We just got kicked out of an R.V. campground in Guerneville CA. It was unjust, but that wasn’t the real point.

The real deal was: I had to look inside to see what needed to be cleaned up in my inner life.

The real deal was:That this man who asked us to leave had a spiritual mission to push us forward.

His true identity was a teacher and master disguised as a tyrant.

Because of this I had to pray and pray hard.

I saw that there was aspects of my life that needed purifying.

Many years ago I had a leader (S.G.I. Buddhist leader) who gave me guidance.

The guidance was this: “There is a part of you that likes being scruffy!”

I took this as the part of me that loves being a poor, bohemian artist.

These words really shot an arrow to my heart and I followed her advise and never,ever forgot it.

Yesterday these sage words of wisdom came back to me clear as a bell.

This R.V. Park was unworthy of me/us. This comfort zone was now,thanks to my prayers and human revolution, being questioned.

I also realized,because of the bad feelings I had of being ‘kicked out’ so to speak, were a part of me that is a “people pleaser”. An aspect of codependent behavior that holds me back.

Thank you Mr. R.V. Manager!

I prayed and prayed for the best place for my/our life.

Clean,safe,green,and I wanted a pool and convenience. Also with internet acess and phone coverage to keep fulfilling my mission of helping others.

We were homeless in the morning and less than an hour later we had a beautiful place to live!

This wonderful spot has a heated pool,high security,a green meadow that we look upon,a great price and being that it is summer in Wine Country, a miracle that there is a place here available indefinitely for us.

It also has FREE internet which for those of you who know about RV Parks..usually it costs a small fortune for this service.

Great cell phone coverage too!

It is an easy and pleasurable walk to the heart of this beautiful town  in Northern CA called Windsor.

I feel free, I feel empowered.

Life is all about the good,the lessons,the HUMAN REVOLUTION.

We can see blessings everywhere if we can just look a little to the side of our mundane vision and see thru the mind of light to where the rainbows shine and the pot of gold lies.


Comments on: "When life kicks you in the butt “LET IT KICK YOU FORWARD!”" (1)

  1. Laura Novak said:

    great article bbb, from Guernvl 2 Windr, huh. Im an sgi online follower of urs & sharing ur ‘Ldr’s Guidnc’ posts w mems in Seb. Hope 2 meet u @ RCBC some fine day! – if ya go thr.😉

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