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 My experience regarding: not tapping on HEAD POINT for everyone.

I hope all my friends will find this beneficial.

 My life is an open book and it is my whole-hearted desire to help others by my own experiences.

There is a saying that I love:

“By learning from other people’s mistakes, you can save yourself a lot of time, effort and pain.”

I need to share a bit of my psychological history with the reader.

When I was around 19 years old I had a “so-called” Nervous Breakdown.

In actuality I was suffering from an illness called Paranoid schizophrenia.

I completely overcame this and many other issues with my practice of S.G.I. Buddhism

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Having completely overcome this issue I nonetheless always took care to keep spiritually fit and take good care of myself in all realms especially regarding my mental health.

Some years ago when I was living in Barcelona I took an interest in something called “Indian Head Massage”

I bought the book and proceeded to practice on myself.

(Forgive me as I don’t remember the exact title or Author of this book and since I am mostly bilingual, I honestly don’t recall if this book was in Spanish or English as I read both almost equally.)

This consisted of massaging and tapping on the head.

I did this one evening and the day after I fell into a very deep, paralyzing depression.

I could hardly think or move. It was as though I was carrying a sack of a thousand pound weight on my shoulders.

I have a dear friend there who is a professional psychologist and so I called her and together we went through many of my issues and still couldn’t find the cause of  this.

I had no way out and I was in so much pain and so I prayed.

I prayed and prayed to find the answer to what was causing this.

Later on my “divine intelligence” told to look at the book again.

What I didn’t see or notice the first time was a warning,

a warning NOT to do this type of massage on people who have a history of psychological disorders.

A light went off in my head!

I promptly threw away the book!

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m have no doubt that this is a very therapeutic method of massage but without the guidance of a professional and considering my history I was truly hurting myself.

Thank Goodness for that warning!

After a few days it went away.

Years have passed since then and, as it were, last summer I started investigating more on E.F.T.Tapping through various new and different wonderful sites.

My original studies were from  http://www.emofree.com

by EFT Founder, Gary Craig

To the best of my memory there were no head points in the manual from that site.

(I just looked through all my papers and now see I actually have the original print out right in front of me ( called E.F.T on a page including the Basic Recipe) and sure enough it did not include the Head point at that time.

I can only consider it “Divine Protection” as you will see by the rest of my testimony.)

I had been practicing this method for many years now and have gotten so much relief and never had a problem.

Yes, things would come up and I would then work on the issues that would surface but nothing like that horrid depression I had experienced until……….

Through studying these newer sites I found the “Top of the Head point” and decided that perhaps I was missing something.

I went on a trip by myself and parked my R.V. in a beautiful resort and decided this would be a wonderful time to immerse myself in a Self-Healing Intensive.

Chanting (Praying, Meditating) swimming, reading and doing the Full Tapping technique which now included the Head Point.

I felt “What a great retreat I’m having!” until the next morning!

I fell into a heaviness and very,very bad depression. I am experienced enough in tapping to know the difference between issues coming up and this very different, enormous blackness that was overtaking me.

I had completely forgotten my experience in Barcelona and was baffled by the intensity of this feeling of hopelessness and heaviness.

Once again I went back to prayer.

After my question to my higher self “What is this?”

I decided to tap on this. At the very second I got to the Head point a light bulb blasted on  inside of  me!

I remembered in full clarity my whole experience about the Indian Head Massage and recognized this bleakness as the same exact feeling I had back then.

From that moment on I never do the Head point on myself or anyone else.

Ever since that experience, even though I tap often, I have never experienced this Deep depressive, heavy feeling again!

You may ask “Why have I included it in my diagram?”

The answer is simply this, to use this as an opportunity to share my experience and perhaps be of service to anyone else who has had this experience or to save someone from this pain.

Once again I’d just like to state that I have received phenomenal,tremendously successful healings without ever tapping on the Head point.

If you are in doubt..leave it out.

 I Love you all!


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