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Success – A state of mind

 Success – A state of mind

Success is getting to the life state of “having a warm feeling in the heart and feeling wonderful in one’s own skin”.

Success is feeling the sun on your brow and the gratitude in your heart that you are living and breathing yet another day.

Success is living in the moment.

Success is a matter of choise.

I’ve had business ventures that did not turn out the way I had envisioned and planned but upon reflection those ventures have led to an understanding of myself that have changed the very course/core of my life.

These experiences have all been a total success because my real goal is, and always has been, my inner own transformation.

Becoming a Multimillionaire is an inside job!

Success is always how you see it.

Like two sides of the coin there is good and bad in every single thing and I now choose to see the goodness of all things.

Illness can turn to a state of radiance and optimum health even better than ever before.

Poverty and lack can turn to resourcefulness and ingenuity,and therefore more plenitude than ever before.

Things sometimes hurt so that we awaken. An alarm clock is usually irritating.

Success is asking oneself:

  • “What good has come out of this episode?”
  • “What is this problem showing me about myself ?”
  • How can I turn this situation around and make this work for me?
  • “If I were an alchemist, what magic potion would I need to turn this rust to gold? “

Success is a feeling that everything happens for a reason. A reason that is always geared towards my greatest good.

Success is a “knowing” that everything is in perfect order.

Success is letting  my soul lead me to a higher, more beneficent place.

There are numerous instances where I’m sure you have known or have heard of someone who had it all and yet were unhappy.

Success is being Happy.

As I’ve said earlier

“Becoming a Multimillionaire is an inside job!”

“What would be the point of having a ton of money without joy?”

“Without true friends?”

“Without security,a feeling of being always safe and  protected?”

Success is and always will be:


that you are enough,

 have enough,

do enough.


I am now a success and know my own worth!


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