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I am now emerging as the woman I truly am! A beautiful Butterfly!

Menopause an opportunity for Bliss, Radiant Health and Fulfillment.

I’m writing this today because I’ve been searching for the Legendary “Bliss and Serenity” after Menopause.

Don’t you remember?

Somewhere, somehow you heard from a wise old woman that they were in the Prime of their lives after all was said and done about Menopause.

Where are these uplifting articles?

Are all the wise old women tucked away in their cozy homes free of Internet and T.V.?


I will continue to search and will welcome any comments from anyone who happens to read this blog post.

Early December I ran out of my Bioidentical Hormone Replacement cream. It was and is expensive. At this moment, with the times like they are, it is not possible for me to gather up the money to buy some more.

I am an S.G.I. Buddhist which means that for almost 30 years I’ve been taught that everything happens for a reason and that everything is an opportunity to change “poison to medicine” .

I prayed on this and attracted into my life, via a dear friend, an amazing movie called “EATING” about living a new lifestyle…only eating Plant based foods (an Animal-Free diet).

My friend will be 80 years old this June and has been doing this for around 8 months. She has eliminated all but 2 medications from her life. She was taking  medicine for Diabetes, thyroid,& high blood pressure. According to the testimonies on this film and many other films of a similar format we can cure anything when our immune system is running on high-octane, which the plant-based diets do for us. She has gone from dress size 16 to a beautiful size 12 and doesn’t want to lose any more weight..how many of us can say that!

Her testimony: “I am happy you are seeing results.  You are sooo right about putting the correct foods in our bodies & we won’t need prescription meds, or over the counter either. Your blog was great.  Thanks Doris”

I thought well..Why not Menopause?

Me Vegan? Ha!! This is truly “poison to medicine’!

I know when the student is ready the teacher appears and so this is my experience.

It’s easy, it’s nothing. I was eating eggs all day long. I don’t miss them a bit.

I am astounded! I don’t miss the meat, the milk, none of it.

I am in AWE!

And now what about the Menopause?

Keeping in mind when we do things the natural way we do not get a quick fix. I’ve only been doing this for only 14 days now. Today is December 17th.

I can honestly say

  1. My night sweats are almost gone!
  2. I am sleeping better. A real biggie!
  3. I have more positivity and more energy.
  4. I’m saving money which has an added benefit of alleviating some of the financial stress out of my life.
  5. I am losing weight.
  6. I have no doubt my cholesterol is way down although haven’t been checked for it.

I can’t wait to repost via this blog or Facebook how wonderfully I’m doing.


Just by saying this, shows me I’m on a new more positive & hopeful wavelength.

Yes, that’s the real wonder. I have hope! I have hope that I’ll be one of these wise old ladies spouting the Bliss and Joy of life after Menopause!

I am emerging as the Beautiful Butterfly after the long dark and confined stay in my coocoon.



I am back to the weight I was when I was in my twenties!

Now this past week for some reason my hot flashes have come back with a vengence. So….. I have to think about what’s going on.

I see one thing ..SALT! I’ve been eating peanuts with a lot of salt so I will watch this.

Another thing..Stress! It’s an unsually stressful time for me so I will do more of my S.G.I. Buddhist prayers, Deep breathing and more visualizations.

Nam myo ho renge kyo is my Buddhist prayer and it works if you work it .

It’s time to work it!

It’s still really, really nice to look in the mirror and see this new slender body!

When I have more time I will post some before and after photos.

Feb.12th 2012


I’ve added Juicing now and it is astounding.

I highly recommend the Movie


Manifesting is also astounding. I wanted a Juicer and manifested 3 Juicers,2 were free and one just about free!

KALE is one of the highest Vibrational foods and it’s easy to Juice.

Keep in touch!

Love and blessings



I have been Vegan for almost One Year!

Now the clarity is:

On Thanksgiving a couple days ago I decided to eat the Turkey and all the stuffing’s. I though oh I’ve been so diligent and strong and what’s a day off gonna do?


I ate it all and it was as though I went exactly back to square one with my Menopause symptoms!

The entire trip home was riddled with tremendous Hot Flashes, Lethargy and Discomfort!

I couldn’t sleep. I was nauseous. And most clearly of all I was sweating all through the night!

I woke up so tired but deeply grateful.

Grateful to experience how much relief I truly have had this past year over my menopause symptoms!

They used to be so “normal” that I just resigned myself to living that way. Tired, Hot, Depressed.

Now I see exactly how Right I was to make this decision last year to avoid all animal and live solely on plants .

I am so grateful for this sign and my new determination to do it even better from here on.

Hope this helps someone in need.



Comments on: "Menopause an opportunity for Bliss, Radiant Health and Fulfillment (Vegan and Juicing Solutions)" (2)

  1. THANK YOU for sharing your experiences around diet & menopause. Since menopause I have felt much better. Never did any hormone replacement, but did use Evening Primrose Oil, Dong Quai & Black Cohosh supplements during pre menopause. I am presently thinking about eliminating meat from my diet, more for humane reasons….. can’t digest dairy at ALL anymore. Nor certain soy products. Glad I found your blog, through Facebook. Blessings !!!

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