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B.B.’s Belly Laugh and Bliss Lesson Plan

We’ll start with a little “Pep Talk” from B.B.

Did you know that an adult on the average laughs about 17 times a day whereas a child laughs about 400?

What happened to us?

When did we stop the Joy and Laughter in our lives?

  • ·         Laughter boosts the immune system
  • ·         Relaxes the body and releases stress
  • ·         Releases endorphins
  • ·         Promotes Creativity and lightens and brightens our souls
  • ·         Strengthens our hearts
  • ·         Strengthens our abdominal area
  • ·         A natural way to Pranayama Yogic Breathing
  • ·         Heightens our electromagnetic vibrational energy so that we attract more abundance, success and healing into our lives.

*Don’t be surprised if you feel absurd, foolish, uncomfortable doing all these silly exercises!

That is merely our evil ego talking. It is our resistance to complete and utter freedom.

Freedom of caring what people think.

Freedom to be your true self which is: Pure Love, Pure Light, Pure Joy!

As the Law of Attraction teachers make very plain

“Our Inner Guidance system is infallible!”

We know we are in complete Harmony and Alignment with Source when we feel Wonderful!

I have the Amazing experience when I was taking these classes up in Northern California.

I started to Laugh at even so-called negative occurrences that would from time to time happen. I started to Laugh at the Evil Twin voice in my head that tried to put me down. (We all know that voice!)

These sessions could literally change your life as you now know it!

Start class:

We will now all lie on the floor and do the “Let it go” exercise.

Staying this position we will “Papa Noel” exercise

All rise now and we will do some Pranayama Breathing exercises.

*see other section for a selection of Pranayama fun breathing exercises.

Now for about 30 minutes without ceasing we will Laugh:

Aloha Laugh

Between each and every laugh practice we will clap our hands and say”

Very good, Very Good, Yay (on “Yay” our hands are up in the air)

Spread Arms Laugh

Giggle looking at a flower

Casino Slot machine


Walking on hot sand

Coo Coo clock

It’s not mine!

Dental floss Brain

Shake your money maker!

Jump like on Trampoline

Laugh at Negative Voices

(Perhaps B.B. will imitate negative voice)

The Lion exercise from Yoga

Look at each other and point and Laugh

Hold hands up and Shake them and Laugh.

This will probably cover the 30 minutes but I’ll have more just in case.


*Section on more Pranayama Breathing

B.B.’s Belly Laugh and Bliss – Pranayama Breathing ideas

1. PranayamaBreathing (Alternating nostril Breath)

A)        Sit comfortable position, back straight.

B)        Place right hand in front of face

C)        Thumb on right nostril.

D)        Breath in through left nostril

E)        Place index fingers on left nostril keep it there.

F)        Breath out through right nostril

G)        Now Breath through same (right nostril)

H)        Place thumb again on right nostril and exhale left then inhale continue you’ve got the hang of it!

2. “0” Breath

      A) Take a deep breath in with your lips in the shape of an “O”

      B) Breath out through the nose.

3. The Ocean Breath:

            A) Breath in and out through mouth constrict airway in back of your throat with tongue which will mimic the sound of the ocean.

4. Fire Breath

         A) Breath in and out through nose, this one start slow then move up to a fast rhythm (like a dog panting) only though the nose.

             B)    You can try the same only with the mouth open which will really resemble a dog panting.

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