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Isis/Fairy/Angel Wing Care 

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To all my Winged Gods and Goddesses



I found a way to safely re-pleat our Wings!

It’s normal that through winging and use, our pleats get wrinkled and so I discovered a way to get them back nice and crisp.

 I will say it takes a certain amount of patience, but if you have only a small area it’s doable.

I’ve tried it and it works fantastic.

Here is a picture of the special steam iron. It is completely plastic and you can find them most anywhere. Remember Not a normal iron! (Only steam and plastic).


Here in Las Vegas we have some very serious issues with the heat in the spring and summer but it would be a well learned lesson for all. 

The Isis/Fairy/Angel Wings we sell come in a nice black, carry-all holder with a clear plastic window on top to see the color and fabric of the wings. This holder is always free with a purchase of Butterfly Dreamz Isis/Fairy/Angel Wings. 

However this convenient carry-all can act like a greenhouse if it is left in the sun or a hot place. The Wings will melt or at the very least get wrinkled and not as crisp and nice as we’d like. 

So if you must leave them in the car in the summer at least take them out of the package and hang them up. 

At home I generally hang them anyways. I use the package only for traveling.



Fold the Wings the length of the poles. The way I put them back in the package after wearing is sort of like zipping up a child’s coat, with the finger underneath the zipper so as not to catch the fabric. I always put the fold in the slot nearest the zipper and work from there. If anyone has any questions please always feel free to contact me.

Again I recommend, unless you’re traveling , simply hang them on a hook or hanger in lieu of always putting them back into the carry-all. 


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