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Being stronger

strive to be as strong as a mountain photo by B.B. Berg

Guidance: Greg Martin- S.G.I. Buddhism
“Another aspect of Karma which is often misunderstood is this: we often think our Karma is something outside of us. However, someone else’s behavior is not your Karma. Your Karma is that you don’t know how to deal with their behavior. That’s your problem. Your behavior is your Karma. Sometimes we may think that we are a terrible person if we have someone in our environment who is a terrible person. That’s not true. They are a terrible person in their own right.
The question is why are you suffering?

You have the Karma to be with that person, but they were going to be that way anyway. You didn’t make them that way. Ask yourself why are you unable to deal with that person? Why does that person make you angry? Why do you let that person make you unhappy? In such a case, you have the Karma to be unable to handle things in your environment. That is your problem.
When you chant daimoku (*nam myo ho renge kyo ) to be able to handle that person, to be able to grow and be stronger than that  person so that you are no longer affected, then it no longer affects you. You’ve transformed your environment.”

Poem by B.B. Berg

Strive to be as strong as a mountain.
Neither winds nor storms can perturb a majestic mountain’s serenity.
Be it the blazing desert sun or torrential rains, a mountain doesn’t move or care.
From this day forward I am a golden mountain of strength and love. No one or nothing will disturb my peace.
B.B. Berg   Feb.12th,2011


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  1. I enjoyed reading this =)

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    Time to reread this and practice it.

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