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Embrace our darkness as well as our light


Dancing lifts our spirits and heals our souls.
It is a wonderful and creative way to express and most of all “embrace and honor our emotions.” This is not only a powerful release for us of negativity and stress but is at the same time the ultimate expression of our own self love.
While we listen to the music and surrender our bodies to movement we automatically release the healing chemicals of endorphins and reinforce neural connections in our brains. Dancing is a natural but nonetheless powerful antidepressant.
I have the wonderful experience of losing 60 lbs through the joys of movement, while at the same time creating a lasting joy and peace in my heart during what would have been an otherwize tramatic time for me.
My goal wasn’t necessarily to lose weight but to get myself happy.
My mother had passed on and I was grieving. I used food as a drug and the weight gain to put up a cushion, a wall, between myself and the world.
There came a moment back then when I realized that my mother’s joy in ku* was directly connected to my happiness here on this plane, on this earth. I owed it to myself and my mom to get myself happy!
I started to study and learn about self love and acceptance which led me to truly caring about my body, my beautiful temple, my treasure tower. It was a natural consequence of this delving into my own self love that led me to movement and dance.
I was indeed out of shape and could hardly walk a block, but little by little the walk became longer and longer and later on changed into a run. The running became a Dance of Life for me!
I felt like an Indian warrior running against the wind and rain, it was an indescribable bliss of music and nature and tears. And so I continued only with the goal of happiness.
I lost 60 lbs in 2 years. Naturally, joyfully and therapeutically!
Movement is joy! Dance is Therapy!
My Wing Therapy™ is now the greatest of my joys and passions as it encompasses all of the above and beyond.
We all have issues in our tissues but discovering our inner child and loving that child unconditionally is one of the most powerful tools I have ever used.
At the end of each class we do E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) **
and affirmations to give full rein and power to the dancing and Wing Therapy™ we just experienced.
My wish is to see Happy, Healthy, Vibrant, Self loving people everywhere!
Sending Love and Light
B.B. Berg



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