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Faith Equals Daily Life

Prayer first

Faith equals Daily Life

When we chant Nam myo ho renge kyo and base ourselves on faith in this law, everything we do becomes Buddhist practice-training for developing and expanding our wisdom and state of life.

As Nichiren states in this passage, “No worldly affairs of life or work are ever contrary to the true reality.” WND-I, 905

 All Life is Yoga

“But if you want to dive deep you have to give your best during the times that you’re not meditating too. It is not only during meditation that we make progress in training the mind, but also during the rest of the day.

“The mind is restless, turbulent, powerful, violent says the Bhagavad-Gita. “Trying to control it is like trying to tame the wind.”

From the chapter All Life is Yoga from the book, Conquest of Mind by Eknath Easwaran:

 To me it’s all about the old joke: How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice practice!

All day long I have many opportunities to really show the power of nam myo ho renge kyo in my life. Be it a smile, instead of a grunt, when someones trying to cut me off on the highway or showing kindness to someone at the market or the way I handle my problems. I could easily  react and do the many counter productive things I did for so many years or I can try a new way. A more loving way, a more value creative way.

 Practice, practice, practice.


S.G.I. President Ikeda, who has consistently shown us through his own example how to change our lives for the better through Buddhist practice, says “Life is reality. Buddhism focuses on reality, and we practice to win in reality.”

“The saha world (the world of human suffering) is itself the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light. To escape from reality is not the spirit of the Lotus Sutra. The Lotus Sutra teaches how to make our reality ideal. Buddhism is about winning in life.

World Tribune, October 22, pg.12

*photo taken at my birthday party on the Beach in Spain

    my friends really KNOW how to PARTY!

VIDEO of my Spain Birthday



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