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Blue Healing Flowers -Pastel by: B.B. Berg

“Happiness”- pastel by B.B. Berg copywrite 2010
My Beautiful Sea – B.B. Berg – July, 2005 – Las Vegas

Psychedelic Dance of the Sea page 1 – B.B. Berg

Psychedelic Dance of the Sea page 2 – B.B. Berg

My Sea Garden – B.B. Berg

Sunlight on my Magic Garden – B.B. Berg

Sunsets of my life – B.B. Berg

Forest Pond – B.B. Berg

My Magic Garden – B.B. Berg

all pictures done in Pastels by:

B.B. Berg

Desert Magic by: B.B. Berg

Art is such a useful tool for raising our vibrations,exprssing ourselves and creating a sense of peace and bliss within our hearts.

There are always going to be times when we feel sadness and within that very feeling lies a tremendous potencial to manifest goodness. Embrace your feelings just as they are and draw, paint, take photos, sing, dance or write poems with them. You will be astounded as to how you transform them into beauty and love.

Beautiful Lady

Copy of CIMG1182

Beautiful Lady.
Colorful Lady.
You see life as Wonderful Hues just for you.
A mosaic of bright prisms that illuminates your days and nights.
You Love life.
You Love Yourself.

poem by: B.B.


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  1. Reblogged this on Bbberg's Blog and commented:

    Did a new painting today included in this blog called Beautiful Lady

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