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Acceptance The key to Serenity and Bliss

There is a gentle rain here in the desert today. The skies are gray, soft and muted. It is the day after Labor day weekend. A hard day to awaken indeed. My first instinct is always to fight, resist, and make myself wake up at all costs or the other alternative available- make myself crazy. Today I did something different. Today I chose peace.

Today, during my morning prayers, I received a divine guidance from within. The voice inside me said “Be quiet, be still, and don’t fight the flow.” Accept it and embrace it, love yourself in this sensation. After all, the only difference between feeling tired and feeling relaxed is simply my own perception. The moment I heard that voice I cuddled up to this feeling, like a warm and cozy embrace by the fireside and I was rewarded with an inner glow of wellbeing, of peace and serenity. This is the lesson I learned today. We can shift are reactions, no matter how deep rooted they have become. Today is always a new day in our lives. Today is all I have.


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