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Life just so happens to be throwing me a lot of curve balls lately and I’m challanging each every obstacle with faith. Last night was probably one of the most difficult performances I’ve ever done in my life. Stress can deplete ones energy and I really need a lot to sing. I was falling asleep at the table waiting for my showtime.Suddenly my inner voice said “Go home right now and chant and pray”. (the show was at a neighbors home almost next door) My body took off and I faced my buddhist altar and asked “What should I do?” My mind was screaming “Don’t perform tonight! ,tell the woman you don’t feel well.” I left to go back to the party thinking :Ok I’ll tell her just that.  Suddenly I felt life , I felt strong. My face became a joyful face in the mirror and I had changed. My show was energy filled and I had won over the devilish functions or what Echart Tolle calls the pain body.

Today I have a thankful heart ,today I have yet another experience that I may rely upon in the future,today I have won!

thank you
















 I passed the test with flying colors and people were moved by my dance and music


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