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Now where did we leave off? Oh yes, the girl with the devilish look in her eyes getting into lots of trouble.

I was a 23 year old girl in N.Y.C.  A real party girl and what do party girls do ?- Lots of drinking, drugs, men etc. so I got myself put in the hospital

I was pretty messed up but at the age of 27   I discovered spirituality:

It seems as though I had to pass through the darkness to meet the light. In 1982 I joined S.G.I. Buddhism and cured my mental illness and lots of other issues!http://www.sgi-usa.org/

I’ve written my life story in the form of a musical,theatrical play called “Dancing in the Rain” The title comes from the saying:

I got married to a fellow buddhist also my pianist. One  day he said to me “How about moving to Spain?”

well………Why not? Life is about adventure.

So we moved to one of the most spectacular cities in the world! Barcelona!

I loved it so very much I stayed for 17 years!

I sang in Barcelona and performed all over Catalunya. One of my favorite gigs was being the resident Jazz singer at the Ritz Hotel.

I bought a beautiful condo on the sea in a town called Calde’s de Estrac.

My beautiful town of Caldes d Estrac (Caldetas)

My beautiful view! A dream I held deep in my heart for many years,to live on the sea.

My husband and I decided together that we were better friends than a married couple so we separated amicably.

I dyed my hair blonde and belly danced on the beach!

About 4 years went by and I went to the Buddhist retreat in Trets France for my 50th birthday. In that moment I prayed for the man of my life to come to Barcelona. He had to come to me cause I wasn’t going to go look for him.

A lot of chanting!! Powerful Prayer works across not only the globe but the entire Universe!


the S.G.I. Buddhist center is located in the famous Victoria mountains




Comments on: "My crazy wonderful life in photos part 2" (2)

  1. Richelle Kellen said:

    You are one of the most amazing women i have ever met BB. Wow what a wonderful life and your spirituality im sure has given so many inspiration.

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