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At the tender age of 19, I hitched hiked from my hometown of Rochester, N.Y. to N.Y.C. I was seeking fame and fortune and dreaming of  being a star so……… what better place to go than New York City

My first job was driving a taxi!

What a fun ,crazy job back then for a girl!

My first singing job at Pearls Place

I loved singing so much that when I was offered a job as a singing stripper I thought “why not?” “It’s good money and dancing and fun!”

I was so proud of this I made a scrapbook and showed my mom and dad.  They were very supportive. I guess they were more open minded than I ever imagined!

I met so many interesting people!

As you can see by the look in my eyes, I was a wild ,crazy, fun loving, party girl and unfortunately that got me into a lot of trouble !

but more about that in my next blog……

to be continued……..love and blessings B.B.

to make it easy I’m just putting down the links in the right order.



part 3


Comments on: "1.My exciting and interesting life in photos!(Part 1 N.Y.C." (4)

  1. David Rothman said:

    Love your spirit BB.

    • Thank you David!
      well it’s like Mae West used to say “My life is an open book.I’m just waiting for someone to read it.” ha ha
      love and peace

  2. Reblogged this on Bbberg's Blog and commented:

    Just thinking of how far I’ve come! Life is a circus,a beautiful wonderful and exciting Circus of Hope!

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