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I come here for peace and solace and to find myself once again.


These sacred and nurturing waters are a serum for my body and mind,

a hot liquid balm for my soul.


Out here in the quiet and isolation of Tecopa, I am enveloped in a new world, a world of pure, serene, spirituality.


I disrobe now and surrender my goddess – like body to the warm loving arms of these pools.




Clear, vibrant pools, of unconditional love. I am safe, I am sound, and I am healing.



A kind of kindling starts to take place in my essence as I simmer and dilute

my worries and troubles and reveal my true nature , which is pure spirit.


 I feel at one with all that surrounds me. My gratitude is overwhelming.


 Thank you for my blessing. I am happy and at ease


2:00 in the afternoon Feb. 1st, 2010


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