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In Nichiren Buddhism of SGI the concept of Human Revolution stands for inner transformation of the individual towards enlightenment: “The expression ‘Human Revolution’ was made famous by the second president of the Soka Gakkai, Josei Toda (1900–1957). It is a way of expressing in contemporary language the process of Buddhist Enlightenment.[1] The process of Human Revolution requires exerting efforts in Buddhist practice for self-mastery and inner transformation aimed at attaining an enlightened state of life, which would create a positive effect on the surrounding environment. “Toda used the term “Human Revolution” to express the central idea of Nichiren Buddhism, which is that all people are capable of attaining enlightenment in this lifetime. He also asserted that an individual’s inner transformation could actively change their circumstances and their environment”.[

As I peruse the internet I read many articles about get rich quick secrets, creative visualization, positive thinking, lottery winning methods and the list goes on and on. I am in complete agreement with the ideas in these methods, in as far as,” becoming master of our minds and not letting the mind master you.”(Paraphrase of the Gosho by Nichiren Daishonin)

 Thinking positive and having gratitude absolutely can align oneself to our greater good. My quandary with these methods, however, lies in the fact that they seem to be leaving out the essential process of inner revolution or inner reformation. Are we taking the easy way out?

We need our dreams, our goals, our wishes, our dilemmas and obstacles in life to become better, happier and stronger people and thus serve the world by our victorious experiences.

Acquiring just things doesn’t bring us fulfillment and happiness. We need to use the motivation of these desires to transform our lives. When we do so we can manifest a greater satisfaction than we dreamed possible. The act of fighting and winning over inner issues (our demons so to speak) and becoming better human beings is the point. Moving up the scale in our evolutionary process is the point.

Where is the Human Revolution in merely attracting objects outside of ourselves?

Buddhism teaches that our inner life and outer world are one. If one wishes to change ones circumstances one must begin with the internal universe. The face in the mirror is ours and we can dress up the mirror any way we like but unless we change the face it will keep reflecting back the same thing. If I want to attract more money into my life it makes sense that I need to work on my self worth, my self esteem, perhaps my lazy nature.,or whatever else inside that is holding me back. It is I who am not feeling worthy and therefore not attracting fortune. Everything has to do with how we feel about ourselves and how we actualize that feeling into action. Eating healthy, letting go of bad habits, exercising, and appreciating my life is an action of pure self love. Releasing unhealthy and addictive tendencies can be a painful process. Complete honesty, self forgiveness, hard work and courage are required. This is not the easy way, but it is truly the only way.

The 12 step programs also understand this. They are a guideline on how to live.  Merely letting go of an addiction is only the beginning. Changing one’s life requires a painstaking process of cleaning house, taking inventory, making amends, daily gratitude, helping others, forgiveness and more, which results in a complete shift in our thinking and acting. I can only speak from my own experience and I can say with complete candor and honesty I am so grateful for all the problems and circumstances that I’ve experienced in my life because I have become a new and completely different person by facing and overcoming each and every obstacle that has come my way. I now have the life of my dreams and am fulfilled and joyous and am extremely proud of myself.This is a huge shift for someone who used to loath themself.This is my human revolution and it is a 24/7 project but I would’nt trade it for the world. I gotta work it to work it and I’m worth it.


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