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The Wounded Warrior

The wounded warrior, with broken heart and broken mind.

The wounded warrior, whose lifes’ mission through grit unwinds.

My life was woven from tangled threads, spun in blues around all sides.

A hellish life of fire and dust, it’s my blessing I’m not unkind.

I’ve learned the lessons and do so still,

for I know this is my work.

To help those who are around me, with stories like mine, Lives of swamps and rust and murk.

 Of all the things I feel the most, it’s my healing voice and heart.

I watch the miracles happen as I transmit my voice, my art.

There is no greater Joy of Joys than to fulfill this destiny.

Helping others, the ones who want to change, is the task that sets me free.

B.B. Berg Caldetas, Spain 9/9/09

 reedited March 1st 20014 in Las Vegas



Comments on: "The Wounded Warrior" (1)

  1. And so the journey on the road of life continues on. From 9-9-09 to today. The future will come, not in any way I can predict, but surely it will be the ride of a lifetime. Meowwwwwwwwwwwwww!

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