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I’m very tired today and can’t seem to awaken. I realize I didn’t sleep well last night but it’s ok. There is a Buddhist Guidence that I truly love and it’s all about appreciating yourself no matter what. 

“Appreciate  yourself when you’re sad, angry, lazy, tired.

Being a Buddha does not mean you are perfect. It means you always turn the negative into a benefit.
If we manifest our Buddhahood and appreciate our life, then our “dysfunction” will become our greatest benefit. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo can turn anything around.”

I am, in my opinion , doing just that. Today I am writing, I am honestly expressing myself and letting go of the “Mask” , I am accepting that I’m weary and and merely doing things that please me.
 This is my day, for myself, by myself. And maybe just maybe, this is perfect and the real reason why I’m in this state today.  This is MOST PROBABLY JUST WHAT I NEED.

My affirmation to myself today:

“I am kind, gentle and generous to myself today and always”



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