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myspace_collage2DESERT BLOOMS

Blessed by all the rain this year the desert is greener than I’ve ever seen:

A truly rare occurrence of flowers blooming everywhere. What once was so dusty and devoid of color and hue,  now explodes in a kaleidoscope of wild flowers and bushes.

This year the barren wilderness is coming to life. Rising like a phoenix up from the sand and stone. Spreading her rainbow wings to reveal what was always there, lying dormant beneath the dirt.

Delicate pedals of gold and rose, violet and pink sprout forth along these  cracked and dry plains. It is a wonder and miracle. I am amazed, spellbound,  and blessed by this special and omen-like turn of events.

The seedlings had been waiting for years beneath the layers of earth and grit, to awaken to their own potential.

My mentor in life, Daisaku Ikeda, essayed on the same reflections I am having. Perhaps the oneness of mentor and disciple or perhaps a cosmic consciousness, we both realized the sameness of people and the desert wilderness. They both are yearning to reveal themselves, reveal the inner aura of light buried deep below the surface. All humanity is thirsting for a rainstorm of humanity and kindness to help in a sometimes cruel and unforgiving climate.

WE ARE ALL BUDDHAS! WE ARE ALL PURE SPIRIT AND SOURCE! WE HAVE A MISSION OF GLORY AND GOOD. We are the source of gentle showers, a gift of life flowing from the heavens to bring out the fragrance and color of the seedlings below. Let us nurture this planet in love. LET US ALL DANCE IN THE RAIN TOGETHER.

March 2009


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