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I dreamt last night that I had a big blue ball, you know like those large exercize balls that people use. In the dream or shall I say nightmare, someone was trying to steal my ball.It was so upsetting, really horrible, that someone was trying to take away my ball.I can’t even discribe what a nightmarish quality this dream had for me.It felt like they were stealing my life force, my blood, my breath.The sensation was of a quality that I had to truly fight to get my ball back.I was livid with anger and a feeling of supreme injustice.When I woke up I knew beyond a doubt what this dream meant.The ball was my childlike innocence,the fun that I used to have doing silly things.I’ve been stressed and I will admit I have allowed people to steal my energy, my fun, my zest for life.I have paid too much attention to the so called “crisis”. I have allowed my life to become centered around things that are not truly important. I realized that ” all was well” when I had this pure joy, pure innocence.Everything I needed came to me.I was never lacking.When I lived in Spain and I struggled to make ends meet I would play games with my problems,I would, for example, have a celebration when my bank account was at 0…(as it was usually in the red).  This was shared my all my friends,we would have so much fun with my bank account “0” parties and always, always, the money would come…….I was full of gratitude to be at 0 and not in the red.I am so very grateful for this dream-It has put me back on the the right path,on the path of faith and joy and appreciation.And so the title says:

I’m not going to let anyone steal my ball anymore

I’m going to remain centered

I am protected by my high life condition and energy

I am now centered in Joy and Bliss


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