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The Journey to myself

Journey To Myself 

The biggest adventure of my life is the journey to my self, my own soul and being.

Of the many paths I’ve walked and struggled, they have, in the end, only led  to me.

Some were labyrinths with twists and turns, confusing my mind with

 untruths, while others were steep precipices, a mere step away from

 danger and death.

 The rocky bottoms I have hit have , in reality,  been the road to fulfilling all my dreams.

Like getting lost in a strange and dark wooded forest my discoveries led me deeper and deeper to the mysteries and revelations that have shown me the reason for my being.

Sufferings have served to bring about transformation and my journey continues.

 Some days it a joyful run by the sea and other days a slow dirge-like meandering in the rain. 

 It is nonetheless my quest, my mission and my adventure.

In my world everything is perfect and the answer to my prayers.

Everything is SIMPLY turning a minus to a plus and poison to  great medicine.

B.B. BERG, May 5th,2008 twilight time, Barcelona Spain


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