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Appreciation is  rather easy when things are going well. It’s a sort of natural thank you to the universe for all the good things we recieve.This isn’t the most powerful vibration however. When things aren’t going “as planned” and we take a proactive stance and muster to see the bright side of things, this is the moment we change our lives. The saying” Every cloud has a silver lining” is so very true and I truly believe this.But it really takes effort to  look for that silver lining. This is a proactive heart and mind at work , this is the true high vibrational energy of appreciation.

How can we do this?

We can ask ourselves “How can this seemingly negative situation serve me?” We can pray for guidance. We can just know in our hearts (have faith) that everything is perfect in our perfect worlds, and therefore there must be a purpose to what’s going on. Is it a lesson, or a wake up call, or a huge blessing in disguise? We won’t see it if we don’t actively look for it.

In many scientific studies SPECT graphs show that the blood flows freely and abundantly in your brain when you are thinking appreciative thoughts. This helps in many ways such as: your ability to focus clearly, increased memory, physical coordination and increased energy. No wonder we can solve problems or overcome obstacles easily when we are in the mode of active appreciation. I am presently working on a series of positive affirmations and exercises to help all of us to really find the value in every situation.See my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/bbberg1

President Daisaku Ikeda of the S.G.I. Buddhist organization says ”When you fail, turn poison to medicine and start fighting again for your original goals-This is value creation in the truest sense. S.G.I. is a world peace organization that literally means “Value creation society.” It is based on the chanting of Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo.Turning poison to medicine means to create blessings from everything that happens. This is radical!

This is turning a minus not only into a zero but to a plus!


To “enjoy what there is to enjoy” means to cause the “mystic lotus of the heart” to blossom brightly with a sense of appreciation and joy,

He who can feel appreciation, experiences a snowballing exhilaration and joy in life. Such is the hearts function.



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